The Many New Roof Choices and Options

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Think Ahead: How To Avoid Roofing Downfalls Next Winter

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With harsh winter storms that have shaken up virtually every part of the US this winter, if your roof got a little bit thrashed, then you are not alone. Rather than basking in your roofing mistakes, though, there are a few things you can take note of how to ensure that your roof doesn’t get damaged next winter. Residential roofers can help you inspect and repair your roof in the event that it has been damaged. Read More»

Residential Roofing Installation Guide For Installing Wood Shingles For A Clean Finish

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If you want to have the look of shake roofing, then you will probably want to have a nice, clean look. The problem with hand-split shakes is that they can be rough and unsightly. There are also imperfections that will need to be repaired as the roof ages. Therefore, you may want to use wood shingles for the roof of your home. The following information will help you with wood shingle installation: Read More»