The Many New Roof Choices and Options

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Roof Replacement Options To Protect Your Home From The Danger Zones

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Whether it be stormy weather, wildfires, or high winds, your roof is one of the most vulnerable areas of your home. Therefore, you want to carefully think about your choices of materials and improvements when doing a roof replacement. In an area with summer wildfires, more fire-resistant materials are ideal, while a home on the beach may need a roof that is more resistant to high winds and storm damage. The following tips will help you choose the right options to protect your roof in a danger zone: Read More»

Choosing The Right Roofing Fastener

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The roof is such a critical part of the house; it makes sense that every choice of material to be used on the roof must be carefully selected. For example, you must use the right fasteners since fasteners hold different parts of the roof together. Below are some of the major things to consider when choosing roofing fasteners. Fastener Material There are four major things you should consider when choosing fastener material. Read More»

How To Tell Your Roof Needs Repair Rather Than Replacement

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Does your home have a leaking roof? Are wondering if you should replace the entire roof, now? It may be possible to do a repair to fix the problem at hand. Here are some ways to tell if you can get by with just roof repair. You Have Bad Flashing Sometimes the problem is not with the roof itself, but with the flashing material that is used to prevent water from getting underneath the surface. Read More»

Things To Do To Prepare For Your New Roof Installation

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Having your roof replaced is a large investment, so you are sure to spend a good amount of time getting bids, selecting the right licensed roofing contractor for the job, and choosing the roofing materials that you want. While those are the most important details that need to be attended to, there are some things that you should do the day before the installation process of your new roof begins. Taking the time to prepare in advance will help ensure that the roof installation process goes smoothly. Read More»

The Best Times to Have Your Commercial Roof Checked for Problems

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Commercial roofing is not something that ends the minute your building is complete. No, there are more commercial roofing services that have nothing to do with constructing a roof and everything to do with maintaining it. If no one has gone up to look at the roof on the top of your building in the last five years, it may be long overdue for a maintenance check. Here are the best times to have a roofer check your commercial roof for problems. Read More»

Are Your Roof Tiles Discontinued? There Is A Solution In Sight

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For owners of old houses, discontinued or hard-to-find roof tiles are often a real issue. However, it’s not a problem to panic over, but is one that can be stressful nonetheless. Whether it’s a limb that knocks a few tiles off the roof or a powerful storm that removes all the tiles from one side of the roof, learn what you can do if your old roof needs repairs, but replacement tiles are hard to come by. Read More»

Three Reasons Why Industrial Roofing Might Fail And How To Prevent It

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There are many different kinds of industrial roofing. All are meant to do one key thing: protect everything below the roof. In cases where everything below the roof involves an industrial or manufacturing plant, then all of the equipment inside is protected by the roof. Industrial roofing is also used for sports stadiums and arenas. Once in a while you hear about roofing of this nature collapsing inward, representing a total failure of the roofing system. Read More»