The Many New Roof Choices and Options

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3 Ways To Protect Your Home From Hail Damage

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A hailstorm can be absolutely devastating for your home and property. Here are three ways to protect your home from hail damage. Look Into Hail-Resistant Roofing Options A very effective way to prepare for a hailstorm in to prevent hail damage to your home is to look into hail-resistant roofing options to replace your current roof. This can include asphalt roofing that can flex and absorb the impact of hail without breaking or more durable materials, such as copper, that can withstand the impacts without becoming deformed or cracked. Read More»

Comparing Steel And Aluminum Roofing

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Metal roofing provides a much more durable roofing solution to your home than asphalt shingles do, and also comes in a wider variety of different styles and colors. Two of the most common types of metal roofing are aluminum and steel: while both are similar types of metal, they each possess a number of distinct material qualities that differentiate themselves from each other. Understanding the differences in what both steel and aluminum roofing have to offer can help you choose the best roofing material for your home’s needs. Read More»

Why Homeowners Love Synthetic Roofs

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The roof is often the exterior element on your home that needs to be repaired first. That is, since roofs are exposed to the sun and the elements, they can wear down faster than your walls and other exterior components. Replacing your roof the material is not only going to give your home a new look and style, it is also going to improve the energy efficiency and insulation of your home. Read More»