The Many New Roof Choices and Options

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How To Secure Loose Shingles Before A Big Storm

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Do you have some loose shingles on your roof? If the weather report is calling for storms and rain in the coming days, you may not have time to call a professional roofer to come repair your roof before the bad weather hits. Thankfully, with some basic materials and DIY-skills, you can secure those shingles and prevent them from blowing off completely in the wind and rain. This won’t be a permanent fix; you’ll still want to look into roof repair by Power Roofing or a similar company soon. Read More»

3 Special Considerations When Choosing The Roof For A Shotgun-Style Home

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Shotgun-style homes got the name from the fact that a person could shoot a gun through the front door and have the bullet come out the back door. That’s due to the fact that the homes are only one room wide and several deep. The roof is topped off with a steep gabled roof that covers the depth of the house. If you have a shotgun-style home and need new roofing material as part of a roof repair or restoration project, there are a few style-specific issues to keep in mind. Read More»

Two Methods For Removing Moss From Your Roof

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If your roof is frequently shaded by tree branches, chances are good that it will begin growing moss. To curb the moss growth permanently, you’ll have to trim away those tree branches to expose the roof to more sunlight. In the meantime, however, you’ll need to focus on removing any moss that is currently present. Here are two simple ways to do that: Method 1: Bleach and Water When to use it: This method is the easier of the two, but it should only be used when you are not worried about killing any plants surrounding your home. Read More»

It's A Long Way Down: Ways To Stay Safe When Your Roof Needs Repair

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If you have been meaning to repair the roof of your home, remember to stay safe. It may not seem like a big project, but if you consider that falling off a roof accounts forone-third of fall-related construction fatalities annually, it warrants caution. Don’t crouch when working. Crouching down on a roof for an extended period can increase the chance of a fall due to your legs falling asleep or difficulty in standing up. Read More»