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Residential Roofing Installation Guide For Installing Wood Shingles For A Clean Finish

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If you want to have the look of shake roofing, then you will probably want to have a nice, clean look. The problem with hand-split shakes is that they can be rough and unsightly. There are also imperfections that will need to be repaired as the roof ages. Therefore, you may want to use wood shingles for the roof of your home. The following information will help you with wood shingle installation:

Underlayment for Wood Shingles  

The underlayment of your wood shingle roof is important. This can be a felt paper material like that used with asphalt shingles, or you may want to consider using more durable materials. Some of the solutions for the underlayment of wood shingle roofing include:

  • Asphalt felt paper materials
  • Synthetic house wrap materials (designed for roofing)
  • Special rubber sealant tape to reinforce areas with flashing

These underlayment options protect the wood decking and the wood shingles from condensation. It is important to have space for air to flow beneath the shingles. This allows the moisture to dry out, which will prevent problems with rot.

Choosing the Style of Wood Shingles

The style of wood shingles you choose to have installed on your home is also important. Some of the different options for the style of wood shingles include:

  • Different wood species (commonly cedar or white oak)
  • Dimensions of the shingles
  • Decorative cuts and shapes

Wood shingles give your more options for decorative design features than hand-split shakes. This is why they are often chosen when installing wood roofing on custom homes.

Installing the Slats for the Shingles

It is better to use slats rather than laying the shingles directly on the roof decking. This method of installation will provide a gap that allows the air to flow beneath the shingles. Slats need to be installed at each row of shingles. This will allow the shingles to be sloped too, which allows the condensation to run off the surface of the wood. This is the proper way to install wood roofing and prevent issues with condensation and moisture that can cause damage.

Staining and Sealing Wood Shingles

The wood shingles that you have installed will probably have a natural color and will need to be sealed. It is important that this maintenance is done correctly by a roofing professional. When they are sealing the wood shakes, a specially formulated stain and sealant should be used. They have to have time to dry or cure.

Wood shingles will give your home an attractive and uniform look with durable roofing materials. Contact a residential roofing service to discuss these options for wood shingles for your home's new roof.