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How To Tell Your Roof Needs Repair Rather Than Replacement

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Does your home have a leaking roof? Are wondering if you should replace the entire roof, now? It may be possible to do a repair to fix the problem at hand. Here are some ways to tell if you can get by with just roof repair.

You Have Bad Flashing

Sometimes the problem is not with the roof itself, but with the flashing material that is used to prevent water from getting underneath the surface. The flashing is the metal strips that are used where the roof has an object protruding from it or where it meets up with a different slope. It is common to use flashing around chimneys, ventilation pipes, and in the valleys between two roof sections.

It's possible that the roof is using recycled flashing, which may have damaged sections that are allowing water to get through it. The flashing may be coming off of the surface that is was supposed to be attached to, which just requires securing the flashing back to the surface. A roofing contractor can help install new flashing if the existing material is out of shape or not holding up anymore.

Your Roof Is Damaged From The Sun

It is possible that you have a portion of your roof that is damaged from being constantly exposed to the sun. This is more common on the southern surface of a roof, as it sees more exposure to the sun than the northern surface. You may notice curling shingles on one side of your roof, rather than both. It's possible to only replace those damaged shingles, to avoid unnecessarily replacing shingles still in good condition.

Your Roof Needs A New Layer Of Shingles

If there is significant damage to your roof, you may be able to get by with laying brand new shingles over the old material. This can be cost effective, since the new shingles will do a good job at covering up the old shingles that are allowing water in. The process also is less labor intensive, because it does not tear off the old material. Keep in mind that you can only install a new layer of shingles so many times, before it's required that you remove all of the shingles for roof replacement. Local building codes will determine how many layers of shingles are allowed, so that homeowners do not keep building up a roof with excessive layers of shingles.

If you have questions about whether your roof is a candidate for repair, contact a residential roofing services professional near you.