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Things To Do To Prepare For Your New Roof Installation

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Having your roof replaced is a large investment, so you are sure to spend a good amount of time getting bids, selecting the right licensed roofing contractor for the job, and choosing the roofing materials that you want. While those are the most important details that need to be attended to, there are some things that you should do the day before the installation process of your new roof begins. Taking the time to prepare in advance will help ensure that the roof installation process goes smoothly. Use the following tips to prepare in the days prior to your new roof installation.

Turn Off Your Sprinkler System

Many people have their sprinkler system set on a timer to run every day. If you have roof installation services scheduled, don't forget to turn off your sprinkler system the night before. The last thing you want is for your new shingles to get soaked if the sprinklers turn on unexpectedly. In addition, it is very important for all of the tools and equipment that your roofing contractor needs to stay dry, so turning your sprinklers off will help ensure that there are no delays.

Make a Plan for Your Pets

If you have outdoor pets, you will need to make a plan to accommodate them during the roof installation process. You can't leave your pets outside in the yard while your roof is being installed. Some people opt to move their pets inside, but the roof installation process can be very loud even indoors, which can stress an animal out or make it very scared. Your best bet is to ask a friend or family member to take your dog for a couple of days while your new roof is being installed, or make arrangements for your pet to be boarded or go to doggy daycare. 

Create a Safety Plan

If you have younger children at home, it is important to create a safety plan to ensure that everyone stays safe while your new roof is being installed. A safety plan should include rules like stay indoors while the roofers are working, do not touch any equipment, don't walk under ladders, and if it is necessary to leave the house, make sure that you exit the home very carefully and pay attention. When your children understand the rules associated with having a new roof installed, you will have the peace of mind of knowing that they will stay safe during the roofing installation process.