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The Best Times to Have Your Commercial Roof Checked for Problems

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Commercial roofing is not something that ends the minute your building is complete. No, there are more commercial roofing services that have nothing to do with constructing a roof and everything to do with maintaining it. If no one has gone up to look at the roof on the top of your building in the last five years, it may be long overdue for a maintenance check. Here are the best times to have a roofer check your commercial roof for problems.

Early in the Morning 

Dew collects and pools in the morning. In early spring, summer, and early fall, dew is a regular thing in the mornings. When this dew pools on a commercial roof, it can lead a roofer directly to spots where it may be seeping in and leaking down through the layers. The roofer then examines these areas where the dew has pooled to see if there are any problems. 

After the Thaw

After all of the snow and ice have melted, this is definitely a good time to check a roof. The roofer can spot areas where shingles or waterproofing underlayment have moved or are exposed and can fix it before too much water seeps through the roof. Like the dew, it is also a good way to spot areas of water pooling, which may indicate that there are dips in the roof or an inability to drain properly. 

Thirty Minutes after a Rainstorm

This is incredibly difficult to coordinate, unless your roofer shows up to check the roof and gets caught in a downpour and then waits out the storm before checking the roof again. If you are fortunate to snag a roofer's maintenance services right at the very moment it rains, then the roofer will definitely be able to find any areas where there are leaks and repair them before the leaks become worse. 

When You Already Have Another Contractor up There

Most commercial air conditioning systems are located on the roof. If your building's A/C system breaks down, your HVAC technician has to get to the roof to fix it. While he or she is up there, it just makes good sense to send a roofing contractor up there after the HVAC technician for safety and maintenance reasons. With both of them on the roof, they can fix whatever the issues are at the same time, and then everything under the roof is business as usual again. 

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