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Are Your Roof Tiles Discontinued? There Is A Solution In Sight

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For owners of old houses, discontinued or hard-to-find roof tiles are often a real issue. However, it's not a problem to panic over, but is one that can be stressful nonetheless. Whether it's a limb that knocks a few tiles off the roof or a powerful storm that removes all the tiles from one side of the roof, learn what you can do if your old roof needs repairs, but replacement tiles are hard to come by. 

Look Beyond the Big Box Stores

If the big box hardware stores are the only place you're looking for your replacement tiles, you're likely to come up short. Even if you only need to patch a few tiles and feel like you can handle the job on your own, don't. 

A roofing contractor can contact the manufacturer and try to track down some of the tiles for you, even if you can't, as some manufacturers only do business with licensed contractors. Consequently, all of their inventory might not be available to traditional retailers. With a roofing contractor, you get the tiles you need, and you have them installed professionally. 

Schedule a Complete Inspection

Hire a residential roofing contractor to inspect your entire roof, not just the location where the tiles need replacing. If the roofing is old enough to be discontinued, it's possible that it's also older than its intended lifespan. 

If the contractor assesses that the roof is in need of replacement, the wiser solution is not to try and track down those hard-to-find roof tiles. The better option in this scenario is to replace the roof, as a roof in poor condition will only bring more risks for damage. 

File an Insurance Claim

If the source of the damage is due to an issue covered under your specific insurance policy, you might want to file a claim with the insurance company in place of trying to track down the roof tiles.

After you file the claim, the insurance company will send an adjuster to your home to assess the damage and prepare a cost estimate. A part of the process involves researching the cost of new tiles. In some instances, if the insurance company cannot locate suitable replacement tiles, they might cover the cost of a new roof.

A trusted roofing contractor is especially helpful in this instance. Whether it's a connection to a retailer that can access your roof tiles or experience dealing with the insurance company about a complete replacement, partner with a contractor who can resolve the issue and restore your roof.