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Three Reasons Why Industrial Roofing Might Fail And How To Prevent It

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There are many different kinds of industrial roofing. All are meant to do one key thing: protect everything below the roof. In cases where everything below the roof involves an industrial or manufacturing plant, then all of the equipment inside is protected by the roof. Industrial roofing is also used for sports stadiums and arenas. Once in a while you hear about roofing of this nature collapsing inward, representing a total failure of the roofing system. Here are three reasons why these failures might occur and how to prevent them.

Heavy Snowfall

​In the northern half of the U.S., snowfall is quite common. It is also quite common for excessive and heavy snowfall to occur. Snow can occur in the southern half of the country, too, which is sometimes the cause of roofing failures. When a roof fails in the north, it is because the snow falls so quickly and piles up to create an unbearable amount of weight on the industrial roofing. When the snow falls in the south, it is because the roofing company and the property owners did not account for the snow when the building was constructed, and hence, made the roof very lightweight and they did not reinforce it against snow. 

To prevent roof failures of this sort, make southern roofs stronger with reinforced under-structures. In the north, integrate a roof heating system that keeps the roof hot and helps melt the snow so that it cannot pile up. It also helps to refrain from building domes or flat areas in roofs where snow can easily collect and cause cave-ins.

Old Roofs

​Really old industrial roofing eventually cracks, and then it falls/fails. If you know that the roofing on your building is really old, inspect it often to make sure that there is not an imminent failure of the structure. If you do not know what to look for or what should be concerning, have a roofer come out and inspect the roof. 

Heavy Objects or Falling Objects

Hail the size of softballs pelting an industrial roof is rare, but it can cause breaks and cracks in the roof. Left unaddressed, the breaks/cracks could lead to a roof failure and a cave-in. Additionally, if there are any other objects that could fall on the roof, such as trees, airplanes, rockets, or space junk, the roof would fail as well. Clear anything away from the building that could fall on the roof. Then make sure the roof is fully reinforced against falling objects.

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