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A Guide To Roof Deck Reinforcement And Insulation

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Roof replacement can be a daunting upgrade. The problem is that once you remove your existing roof material, you might find that there is structural damage to your deck that needs to be repaired before you can move forward. This can often cost more than the actual roof replacement. This is one reason why many people put it aside.

Obviously, having your roof inspected by roofing contractors before you make such a big decision is very important. You can usually get a general idea of how much work will need to be done on the roof deck before the project actually begins if you have it inspected by professional. That being said, you can never be 100% certain until the material is completely off, the insulation and flashing is removed, and your roof is closely examined.

Reinforcing Your Roof Deck

So, what do you do if your roof needs to be rebuilt and reinforced? First of all, even though this going to cost more money, a newly reinforced roof deck can provide a number of benefits if you are smart about it. This is especially true if you wood like to add some insulation to your property. The roof deck is just as important as the actual roof material when it comes to the efficiency and insulation of your home. In fact, many people actually remove the roofing material, add insulation to the deck, and then install a new product, or even just put their old product back on.

Roof Insulation Products

There are many solutions and products that can be used to add insulation to the roof deck. Spray foam insulation is an effective way to add a soft, but protective, layer that will also waterproof your roof. You can also have the deck manually reinforced by adding an extra layer of wooden decking. Fiberglass sheets are a cheaper and efficient way to add insulation to the roof deck, but they can usually only be used if you are going to install a soft tile like asphalt on top of it.

Smart homeowners will make an investment into their roof insulation because of how much it can eventually reduce utility bills. Roof insulation is equally important in snowy climates where it freezes during the winter as it is in hot climates where it gets over 100 degrees during the summer.

Coupled with an efficient roofing material, a properly insulated and rebuilt deck can make your home much more eco-friendly.