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3 Things To Consider When Getting A Slate Roof

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The look of slate roofs can give your house some real character. You may think that slate will be the perfect material for your house. But, before you make that decision, there are some things that you are going to need to think about so that you have all the relevant information to make your decision. 

1. Weight

Slate roofs are heavy. Even when they are thin, they are still stone, and in general, stone is heavy. The larger your roof is, the more weight is going to be put on your roof. So, if you are retrofitting your roof to a slate roof, you will need to make sure you talk to the roofer in order to make sure that your already existing roof supports and loadbearing walls can stand up to the extra weight. Otherwise, the roofer may have to add in some extra supports to make sure that there is enough support to handle the extra weight. 

2. Natural vs. Cultured

Another thing that you are going to think about is whether or not you want to deal with natural stone or cultured stone. The natural stone would be slate as it has been quarried and then cut to fit. Cultured stone is stone that is made up of slate dust and chips that have been pressed together with a resin so that they form a slate tile. The tiles can be dyed and patterned so that they can look like just about anything, as well as being cut into various sizes and shaped. Natural stone is going to be more expensive than the cultured stone will be, and the coloring on it will be more unique from one piece of slate to the next. 

3. Slate Alternatives

If the price of slate or the weight of the slate is more than you can deal with for your house, then there are things that can be done. There are other roofing materials that can be used, and that will look like slate, so you will still get the look that you are looking for without having the same weight or having to pay the same cost. From the ground, the roofing material will look like slate, even if it wouldn't really hold up if someone were to climb on your roof. 

If you are thinking about getting slate roofing for your house, there are things that you are going to think about so that you can make the best possible decision. For more information, contact your local certified roofer.