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The Shoes You Wear While Working On Your Roof Matter

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When you climb on your roof, you must have a safe pair of shoes that will not slip or slide. If your shoes do not grip well on the surface of the roof, then you are at risk of falling off and seriously injuring or killing yourself. However, the price is not always the best factor when it comes to choosing footwear for roofing work. Even inexpensive boots can do a great job keeping you safe, as long as they comply with the following:

Choose Work Boots with Black Rubber Soles

The only shoes you should ever wear on your roof are work boots with black rubber soles with an aggressive tread grip. You should always wear leather work boots when working with tools and nails to prevent injuries to your feet from dropping tools on your foot or stepping on sharp objects.

When you select your footwear for your roofing project, make sure the shoes have black rubber soles. Natural rubber comes from trees and is black in color from an additive called "carbon black". Carbon black is added to natural rubber to make it dissipate heat faster and to make it longer-wearing.

When you purchase a pair of work boots with clear, white, or yellow soles, those soles do not contain carbon black and will not last very long or have the suitable grip for roofing.

When it comes to choosing a pair of shoes for roofing, you want the soles to be as black as possible, and the more the sole's treads look like a car's tire, the better they will grip the roof.

Clean Your Shoes Before Climbing on Your Roof

It is very important to note that even the best black rubber-soled shoes can still slip on your roof if they are not clean or are wet. For this reason, you should always clean off your boots before climbing on to the roof by brushing any debris out from between the treads and rubbing them on concrete to remove any accumulated grease or oil.

Don't Work on a Wet Roof

Finally, make sure you never climb on your roof when it is wet. Even the best boot soles will not grip a wet surface. Every year homeowners are injured because they want to make a roof repair on their weekend off from work and instead of waiting for the weather to clear up, they climb up on the wet roof. Avoid this fate by only working on a dry roof.

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