The Many New Roof Choices and Options

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Need A New Roof? What To Know

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If you are looking into a new roof because your current roof is old and worn, but you are worried about budget and preserving the house for the future, there are some things to know. Just getting new shingles isn't enough to protect the home, and there are some other roofing benefits you want to look into at the same time. Here are some of the products that you want to put on your home and that you want to invest in when you are spending the money on a new roof.

Wrap the Roof

After all the old and damaged asphalt shingles have been removed from the roof, have it wrapped. This means having a protective wrap put on the base of the roof before the shingles are put on so that it's got an extra lining of protection from water, pests, and damages that can occur because of both aging and weathering.

Get New Insulation

New insulation can make a big difference in your heating and cooling expenses throughout the year and can be a great structural benefit for the base of the roof. A strong polyurethane foam insulation spray can be applied along the interior of the roof and will stop water, insects, and larger pests from getting through from the wood of the base of the roof. It can also prevent condensation from damaging the wood base of the roof.

Stick with Asphalt

High-quality asphalt shingle roofs can last more than 25 years if they are properly maintained, and insulated shingles are a great option for those who want to have an efficient property. Talk with a local roofing contractor about getting new, high-quality asphalt roofing shingles put on the property, because they are affordable and can be put on the house quickly.

Before you pick a company to replace your roofing shingles, talk with the contractor about the materials they use. Make sure that you get roofing shingles that come with a warranty and that you pick a contractor that also has a warranty with the work that they do. This way you can feel confident when you pay that you are using a contractor who will provide high-quality service and that they are using materials that will be reliable. A new roof is a great way to invest in your property; be sure to invest in the right roofing materials.

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