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2 Potential Dangers For Your Business When Your Roof Is Leaking

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If you have noticed your business building's roof has a leak, you may believe that the small amount of water you see if nothing to panic about. However, there are potential dangers for your business when your roof is leaking from the small drips of water to the unseen damage it can cause.

Mold Growth Can Adversely Affect Employees and Customers

If you are seeing a small drip coming from your ceiling and have done so for a while every time it rains, chances are the unseen structures above the ceiling are constantly moist. Because the space remains dark, the moisture makes the area a prime growing area for mold.

When mold starts growing in your building, the spores can make their way into the rooms through the heating and air conditioning ducts. If you have anyone working for you or a customer that is sensitive or allergic to mold spores, they may start having symptoms.

These symptoms can range from chronic sneezing and stuffiness to constant asthma attacks. And, the symptoms will not subside until the leak is repaired and the mold is eradicated.

Wet Floors Can Cause Slip and Fall Accidents

Another potential hazard your leaking roof can bring into your business is puddles of water on the floor. While these puddles may seem like minor nuisances, they can make tile or linoleum floors very slippery, even if the water is constantly cleaned up by your staff.

If the floors stay slippery, they are opening up you and your business to lawsuits. If a worker or customer accidentally slips and falls on one of these wet areas, they could seriously hurt themselves.

Because you allowed the leaking water to continue without taking steps to fix the roof, you would be held legally liable for any medical expenses for their injuries, as well as any compensation they seek for lost wages or pain and suffering.

As soon as you see water dripping from the ceiling to the floor, you should call in a professional to have it fixed. Doing so will eliminate the slip and fall danger and keep anyone from getting hurt.

If your business's roof is leaking, it could be placing you, your employees, and your customers in danger of suffering from health complications and physical injury. As soon as you notice a leak, contact a commercial roofing repair service so they can inspect the damage and discuss with you options for fixing it.