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Foam & Asphalt Are Great for Flat Roofs

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If you're going to add a roofing material to a flat roof, you have a unique set of problems to consider. That is, flat roofs require waterproof surfaces in order to deal with standing water. You can't use a majority of the most popular roofing tiles and shingles. Two of the best options for flat roofs are asphalt tiles and spray foam. This article compares both solutions, and should help you figure out which is going to be best for your property.

Spray Foam Roofing

Spray foam roofing is applied using special pneumatic machines. Basically, professionals spray the rubberized foam directly on top of your flat roof deck. This creates a smooth, slightly rubbery, but completely waterproof surface. Most spray foams are white, and many homeowners will just leave the color as it is. White is a great in sunny climate because it does not absorb and transfer heat as quickly as darker colors. That being said, if you do want to paint your foam, it is very easy to do so after it dries.

Spray foam can be painted quite easily using traditional methods. Of course, many flat roofs are not even visible from the ground, so homeowners often don't care at all about how they look. They spray from roof will definitely need to be applied by a roofing specialist. Not all roofing contractors  have experience applying spray foam finishes, so make sure you find one that is an expert in the field.

Asphalt Tiles

Asphalt tiles are also commonly used on flat roofs. They are rudimentary, straightforward, and durable. They're also popular because they are so easy to install. In fact, one of the biggest perks of asphalt tiles is that they can be self installed by the homeowner. Where you would definitely need to hire services like Title Roofing to apply your spray foam finish, you can easily apply your own asphalt tiles as long as your existing roof deck is already waterproof.

One of the biggest difference between asphalt tiles and spray foam is the texture. Asphalt tiles have a rough texture, kind of like sandpaper. Spray foam dries to be rubbery, but is also very slick.

Regardless of which you choose, you want to first make sure that your flat roof is waterproof. Since style is less of an issue, you want to protect your roof deck with a durable material like spray foam or asphalt tiles.