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The Need For A Roof Maintenance Plan

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If you have a commercial building and you don't have a roof maintenance plan in place, you are endangering your roof and your whole building, and possibly increasing your chances of needing roof replacement. A roof maintenance program includes how often the roof needs to be inspected, which sections of the roof should receive special attention, and which actions should be taken in case the inspections unearth some problems. Here are the specific benefits of having such a plan in place:

It Will Help Preserve the Warranty

A roof warranty, whether it is the manufacturer's warranty or the contractor's warranty, will ensure that you don't spend a lot of money unnecessarily if your roof gets damaged. However, these warranties come with terms and conditions that you need to observe to the letter to preserve the warranties. For example, you are required to maintain your roof so that it doesn't get damaged due to your carelessness. Having a roof maintenance plan in place is one of the best ways of ensuring that you observe the terms and conditions of your warranty.

It Will Help Uncover Hidden Damages

Not all roof damages will be visible from the outside or even to untrained eyes. Some damages occur within the internal structure of the roof and only become apparent after they have progressed. For example, it's not easy to detect damages to the deck if you aren't looking for them. At the same time, rood damages are only easy to deal with if you catch them early. Executing a roof maintenance plan will help identify these damages so that you can blow up into serious issues.

It Reduces the Risk of Emergency Repairs

There is nothing as expensive as getting hit by an emergency repair. What if you don't have the repair money at hand? You may be forced to divert much-needed funds from other areas of your business operations, interfering with your financial flow. In some cases, you may even have to put your business operations on hold so that roofing contractors can work on the roof. Unfortunately, this is what you are looking at if you don't have a roof maintenance plan in place. How else will you know that your membrane is so weak and it can tear up and let water into your roof at any time?

It Helps to Preserve the Value of the Property

Lastly, having a roof maintenance plan in place will also help to preserve the value of the building. Imagine you are looking for a business space and you find two locations: one whose roof has a maintenance plan and one without any such plan, which one will you rate highly?