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What Can Happen If You Ignore Small Roofing Problems

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No matter what the reasoning could be, ignoring even the smallest of roofing problems is never a good thing to do. This is because roofing issues can quickly escalate, and then you will be in a much more difficult situation. If you are not yet convinced that you must immediately remedy all minor roof problems, you will want to read through some of the things that can happen.

Your Ceiling Can Cave In

It might not be the entire ceiling, but even a small corner of the ceiling falling to the floor is not only messy, but dangerous as well. Cave ins happens when water is allowed to seep into the home and soak through the various building materials. A problem with your ceiling will generally start to make itself known by the development of a brown spot on it. That brown spot will begin to get darker and bigger until the ceiling material can no longer stay together. It will then break apart and fall down, hitting anything between the ceiling and the floor on its way down.

Mold Can Start Growing In Hidden Spots

Just because you are not able to see any mold does not mean that it is not growing in your house. A lot of times, the mold will start to grow in the attic and behind your walls, which is not going to be visible to you. Anyone in the house who has breathing problems or a weakened immune system may begin to find that they are experiencing medical problems. Instead of waiting for that to happen, you will want to resolve even the smallest of roofing problems right away. All it takes is one missing shingle or a distorted piece of flashing for your home to quickly become covered in mold.

You Could Have To Replace The Entire Roofing Structure

A small hole in the roof can cause the deterioration of the wood beneath the shingles and roofing paper. As the problem persists, the amount of damage will grow. It could get to the point where there are simply too many rotten spots, or the roof has swollen to the point it is wavy, and you will be forced to have a roofing contractor rip everything off so all of it can be replaced with brand new materials. As you can imagine, it is much easier and affordable to simply take care of the small roofing problem right away. 

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