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Wooden Shingles Vs. Wood Shakes

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Updating your roof is a smart upgrade. It is a great opportunity to completely overhaul the look of your home exterior. A new roof will also make your home more energy efficient if you choose the right product. Wood is one of the most popular roofing products on the market. It has a style that works with all sorts of residential styles. Whether your home is a modern craftsman, restored colonial, cape cod, mid-century modern, or a custom art-deco masterpiece, wood roofing is a great choice. Of course, not all wood roofs are the same, so you need to learn about the various styles in order to make the best decision for your remodel.

Wood Shakes vs. Wood Shingles

The differences between wood shakes and shingles might seem small, but they are actually very significant when you consider the long-term maintenance and lifespan of your roof. A wood shake is thicker than a shingle. A shake is also more natural looking and the surface is not always perfectly flat like a shingle. Basically, shingles are thinner, they look more polished, and they have a flat surface. A shake is thinner, and it looks a little rougher and more natural. Shakes, because of their thickness offer more UV protection and insulation. The thicker product is also going to last a little longer. However, shake roofs usually cost more than shingles, if only because more wood is used.

Wood Maintenance

Despite these differences shakes and shingles have many similarities. First of all, they both need maintenance over the years. They are both susceptible to water damage, termite infestation, and moss growth. Wood can warp and split over time. If this happens, the protective under-layer can get wet, and this could eventually permeate down to you actual eaves.

The key to owning a wood roof is to be vigilant and repair or replace broken shingles as soon as you see them. Since you can't always see every part of your roof, you might just need to get up on the roof and inspect it once every year or so. You can usually make basic repairs on your own by simply switching out a bad shingle of shake.

Wooden roofs are obviously not the lowest maintenance choice, but they are reasonable affordable, durable, and definitely stylish. It is easy to see why wood remains one of the top roofing choices for all home styles. Contact a company like Pyramid Roofing Inc for more information and assistance.