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Four Steps To Spring Cleaning The Roof Of Your Home

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Spring is the time for spring cleaning and for good reason. The winter wrecks havoc on homes because of the extreme weather conditions. It's important that once the weather clears up in the spring that you take action to reverse the damage that may have been done, especially to the exterior of your home, one of the most important areas being the roof. Here are four steps to spring cleaning the roof of your home:

  1. Clean the Debris: If you are comfortable getting up on the roof yourself, you can do so in order to remove loose debris both on the roof and in the gutters. Be sure that you wear gloves since you never know what bacteria is trapped underneath all of the debris. Bring a couple of bags up with you, as well so that you aren't just throwing the debris off the roof and onto the ground where it can cause damage to your yard. 
  2. Inspect for Damages: Once the debris is removed, you can inspect for damages, which includes missing shingles, loose flashings, holes, and damaged gutters. If you notice any of these damages, it's important to have them fixed right away whether you do it yourself or hire professionals. You can't move forward with further cleaning until this is done since the damages could lead to water damage inside of the home from a leak.
  3. Wash the Roof: Once the damages are fixed, you can hire professionals to thoroughly clean the roof. The reason you want professionals at this point is because they will have the right tools and knowledge to clean the roof without causing any damage. Too much water and too much water pressure can be damaging, after all. 
  4. Professional Inspection: Once the professionals have washed the roof, you definitely want to have them provide another inspection if you did it yourself the first time. This way, any small problems are caught because they become worse over time, especially during the summer storms that are soon to come. While you may have fixed a majority of the issues, you never know what you might have missed. It could be as simple as one missing shingle that you overlooked that can make a huge difference as to whether or not your roof has a leak in the near future. 

Following these four steps is a sure way to prepare your roof for the year ahead. For more information, contact companies like AHR Company.