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Five Expensive Problems You Will Have If You Don't Fix Your Commercial Roof

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Commercial roofing contractors see this all too often. Shop owners who never climb to their roofs to see what is going on, and then they discover massive leaks and water damage coming through the ceilings into their shops. The trouble does not stop there either. It can get much worse if you ignore the problem of a drippy ceiling. Here are five expensive problems you will have if you do not make it a regular practice to check your shop roof and make repairs when needed.

Collapsed Roofs

Collapsed roofs are the direct result of neglect and puddling water. Not maintaining a commercial roof leads to puddling. Puddling leads to water looking for an escape and the development of mold and rot. All of these things lead to leaks in the roof, which then lead to roof failure over time. You would have to own a building and ignore the roof for years before this would happen. If it does, you would have to shut down your shop and pay for an entire new roof on the building.

Unsightly Water Damage

Would you want to walk into a store that has a ceiling riddled with water damage? Probably not. It is not very attractive, and it makes customers wonder why you have not fixed something that potentially dangerous. A lot of mold can build up behind the water-damage spots and make your customers very sick. Anyone who is especially allergic to mold could have life-threatening responses to this situation. Then you would not only have to pay for mold remediation, but also for any ensuing lawsuits where customers got sick or were exposed to toxic mold.

Fines from the City

Undoubtedly, you were awarded a license to sell things from your shop by the city in which you reside. If you are opening your doors to customers and you have dripping ceilings and water damage, you may be reported to the city's building inspector for code violations. If you receive a surprise visit from a building inspector, and he/she determines that your store is not up to code, you may be fined several hundred to several thousands of dollars. (Plus, you would still have to bring the store up to code by fixing the roof and the ceiling.)

Revocation of License to Operate

Worse still, the city can revoke your operating license. Repeat warnings that have addressed safety issues and code violations related to your commercial roof often results in revocation of the operating license AND your store will be forced to close its doors until proper repairs have been made. If the city chooses to enact harsher punishments, you may have to pay double to get your operating license back after the repairs have been approved.

Lots of Lawsuits

Society today is very litigious. People sue for multiple reasons at the drop of a hat. They can do that, especially if there is evidence of an obvious problem. 

That said, you could face lawsuits from customers if:

  • They get sick in your store
  • Slip and fall from the water coming from the ceiling
  • The water damages expensive clothing that customers wear
  • Parts of the ceiling fall on them and injure them
  • Parts of the roof fall down on innocent bystanders

...and a horde of other possibilities not listed. One lawsuit is enough to bankrupt any store owner facing financial difficulties. Two or more lawsuits in the same year could ruin your business entirely. It is not worth the financial damage and hardship not to fix your roof. It will even cost less than all of the expensive problems listed above. Contact a commercial roofing company like Specialty Commercial Contractors LLC for more information.