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Recycling Used Asphalt Shingles

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Many people are dismayed by the sheer volume of waste produced when stripping an old asphalt shingle roof. The good news is that those worn out shingles no longer have to be destined from a trip to the landfill. Instead, they can often be recycled at an appropriate processing facility. If you would like to learn more about the ways in which your old shingles can find new life, read on. This article will discuss three products often made from recycled roofing shingles.

Roofing Shingles

Just because a given roofing shingle is no longer fit for use on a roof, that doesn't mean that the ingredients out of which that shingle is made don't still have some life left in them. The asphalt that makes up approximately 40% of a shingle's weight is still capable of being reconstituted and used in new roofing shingles. The reclamation process begins with grinding old shingles down into a powder.

This powder is then carefully mixed with virgin ingredients in order to create brand new shingles. Because this method cuts down on the amount of brand new asphalt that has to be used, it can actually result in lower prices. In addition, the process of manufacturing such recycled shingles tends to carry a much lower carbon footprint, thanks to the fact that not as much energy has to be consumed in creating fresh asphalt.

Roadway Paving

The asphalt in a roofing shingle is equally capable of being integrated into roadway paving systems--specifically, hot asphalt mixes. Again, this represents an attractive option for manufacturers since it reduces the amount of expensive virgin asphalt that must be integrated. A secondary advantage comes in the fact that the shingles' granule coating can function as small-sized aggregate, thus cutting down on manufacturer's gravel costs.

Advantages continue to accrue when it comes to the structural properties of recycled roadway asphalt. The fibers and minerals provided by the ground up roofing shingles actually act to give the resulting paving material a greater degree of strength, making it less susceptible to such problems as rutting, cracking, and potholes.

Dust Suppression

Asphalt roofing shingles are often put to use in maintaining gravel roadways. The idea here is that the asphalt can be used to reduce the amounts of dust produced by passing vehicles. To do this, the ground asphalt shingles are mixed into the gravel used to cover the roadway. The asphalt content helps to bind together the gravel, thus keeping it on the road. As a result, less dust is generated.

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