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New House Have A Metal Roof? 3 Strategies For Keeping It Maintained

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Metal roofs offer many benefits such as lasting longer than other roofing materials such as shingles. While you can look forward to many years of problem-free living with a metal roof, it is important to realize that this durable material does need a little care. Over time, metal roofs are exposed to weather elements and other hazards that can cause them to leak just like other types of roofs. Fortunately, you can keep your house dry by using these strategies for keeping your roof maintained and in good repair.

Keep Water From Pooling

Metal roofs are generally sloped to allow water to run off. However, there are some situations where water can pool on top of the roof. Allowing water to sit on your roof contributes to corrosion, and large amounts of water can become too heavy for your roof to support. It is also possible for standing water to seep into the wood around your roof and lead to problems. The best way to avoid water pooling is to keep your gutters clear. This way the water runs down the metal roofing and into the gutters away from your house.

Trim Branches Away From the Roof

It is also possible for the seal or paint on top of your metal roof to become scratched from tree branches swaying in the wind. Make sure to have your branches trimmed at least three feet away from the house. This also prevents pests from running across the branches to gain access to your roof where they can begin to cause damage.

Keep An Eye Out For Obvious Damage

A professionally-installed metal roof can withstand serious weather. However, hail and high winds can cause problems with your roof such as dents or blown off panels. After a storm, give your metal roof a quick check from the ground to see if any obvious damage has been done.

Schedule Regular Inspections

A metal roof is sturdy, yet great care must be used when you walk across the top. For this reason, it is best to have a professional inspect the roof once a year to determine if it is in need of metal roof repair. If a problem is found, having it fixed right away can often prevent costlier damage from occurring.

Your new house with its metal roof will give you many years of happiness. However, it is important to keep your roof in top condition so that it keeps water out of your house. By understanding the basics of metal roof maintenance, you can rest assured that yours will go the distance.

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