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A Roofing Contractor May Use These Quick Fixes For A Leaky Roof

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There's no need to panic when you see signs that your roof is leaking — often, in the form of a wet mark on the ceiling of your top floor or, in worse cases, actual drips of water coming from the ceiling. Instead of panicking, call your local plumbing service right away — and if you notice the problem outside of business hours, call a plumbing service that has an emergency phone number. Although the roofer won't visit your home and replace your roof immediately, as this is a large job, he or she can come to provide a quick fix. Doing so will stop the roof from leaking right away, and then the roofer can determine whether extensive repairs or a complete replacement is needed. Here are some quick fixes that the roofer can use.

Nailing Down Some Shingles

A roof can leak for many reasons, but a common one is that one or more shingles have blown away in a storm or been lifted off by a nearby tree branch. When the roofer gets up to your roof to assess the issue, he or she may determine that simply nailing down some shingles over the affected area will be enough to provide short-term relief until a long-term solution can be implemented. In a sense, this solution is making a patch out of shingles, and it will be effective for ceasing the flow of water into your attic.

Covering The Area With A Tarp

The roofer will likely come to your house armed with a tarp, too. If the damage is larger or severe enough that a few shingles won't do the trick, you can expect the roofer to cover the affected section of your roof with a tarp. The roofer will place the tarp directly onto your roof and secure it down with roofing nails. In cases where there's extensive damage to your roof, the roofer may use multiple tarps. This short-term solution might not look very appealing from the exterior or your home, but is effective at keeping the water out.

Applying A Waterproof Sealant

Another way that your roofer can provide you with a short-term fix for a leaky roof is to apply a waterproof sealant to the affected area. This gummy substance comes in a can and can be brushed onto the roof, much in the same manner as paint. When it hardens, it will form a waterproof barrier that will prevent more water from dripping into your attic. With any of these strategies in place, you and the roofer can discuss what your next steps will be.

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