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Three Things To Help Your Tile Roof Last Longer

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Your tile roof is very durable and, if taken care of in the right way, can last much longer than regular asphalt shingle roofs. They are also great for warm climates as they tend to reflect heat and also help with keeping the house warm in the winter, so it's important that you keep them well maintained. Here are three things you must do if you want to keep your tile roof looking and working its best for many years.

Never walk on your tiles:

Not only should you never walk on your tiles, but don't walk on your roof at all unless absolutely necessary. Walking on your roof puts pressure on areas where that weight was not designed to be. Also, the tiles themselves are prone to breakage if you step on them. When they break, water and debris can filter through and destroy the underlayment, causing severe damage. If work needs to be done on a tile roof, the tiles should be removed to create a "path" so that no one is walking on any tiles. It may be better to install things like antennas, satellite dishes and other accessories off of the roof by moving as few tiles as possible to reduce the risk of damage.

Keep trees trimmed away:

The last thing you want on your roof is a bunch of leaves and other debris setting in on, between and under the tiles. This is because they can pile up and cause water to pool and seep underneath them. Leaves in crevices make it harder for the roof to drain properly. If debris build-up gets severe, then you will need to have a professional to come out to remove the tiles and clean everything out properly. Keeping trees and branches trimmed, especially before a big storm hits, will maintain its good drainage, increase roof longevity and save you money.

Have your roof cleaned periodically:

Whether you have debris build-up or dirty tiles, regular roof cleaning will not only make your tiles look good, it will help your roof last longer. A good wash can also help remove mold and bacteria which not only makes your tiles look bad, but can cause them to break down. It's a common misconception that you should use a pressure washer to clean your roof. This should be avoided as they could actually cause more damage with these kinds of roofs. Roof cleaning is best if done by professionals. They use roof-friendly washes at the right pressure so to restore your roof and increase its longevity.

Tile roofs look great, offer great temperature regulation and last a long time. However, if you want it to look and work as new, you will have to take care of it. Doing these three things helps reduce and prevent possible problems in the future. If you are having a problem with your tile roof and you need to replace tiles or are dealing with leaks, then call a roofing professional for residential roofing services.