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Fiber Cement Is A Great, Unique Roofing Material

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Many homeowners have a long list of home upgrades that they would love to do but don't quite have the cash on hand. Home remodels can definitely be expensive, but some can ultimately increase the value of your property and decrease the cost of running your property. For instance, if you install fiber cement roofing shingles, you will instantly increase the curb appeal and value of your property while also making it more energy efficient and reducing utility bills. While it might seem like a sizable investment, a fiber cement roofing product is a very smart long-term investment into your home.

Fiber Cement Roofing

Fiber cement roofing and comes in several different designs. It is very similar to vinyl or wood roof shingles. Although it is composed of concrete, fiber cement is very lightweight and can be installed on top of most roofs, whether they are sloped or flat. The actual shingles are made out of a mixture of cement and lightweight glue. They then have a waterproof glaze that protects the finish and has a stylish print. These prints usually have wood grains or concrete texture with coordinating texture. This 3D design, coupled with the advanced printing techniques, creates shingles that are dynamic and realistic. These textured prints won't be confused with the actual material when you are looking at them up close. But, most people will only see your roofing from far away, ground level, so they might actually think they are real wood (or whatever style you choose).

Adding Efficiency to Your Home

One of the best features of fiber cement is that it has great insulation ratings. Homeowners in both hot and cold regions will usually benefit from adding fiber cement roofing to their home. This extra layer of protection will definitely reduce the impact of the sun. Different products have different ranges of insulation. The most expensive product will usually be the most insulating. You can always add additional fiberglass, foam or rubber insulation to your roof structure before installing the fiber cement. This protects the roof and adds some protection from sever weather conditions.

Fiber cement roofing and is a product that is both energy efficient and stylish. No matter what your home style is, there is probably a fiber cement product that will compliment your existing design and colors. It will add value to your home if you are selling, but also save you money if you don't ever plan on moving! You will want to get in touch with a roofing contractor soon!