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The Most Popular Tile Materials To Use For A New Roof On Your Home

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Spanish-style clay tiles are what most people think of when they hear about tile roofing, but there are many options. If you want to have a tile roof on your home, there are clay, concrete, and slate tiles. In addition, clay and concrete can be made in different styles, such as Spanish, curved, and flat tiles. Here are some of the most popular choices of tile products for a new roof on your home:

1. Spanish-Style Clay Tiles for A Classic Look for Tile Roofs

The traditional tile roofing style is Spanish clay tiles. These are the red-colored tiles that have alternating curve shapes and are iconic of western-style homes or classic European architecture. Spanish clay tiles can be installed on homes that have a western style. There are also the traditional tiles, as well as tiles that come in larger sections. The traditional tiles are likely to occasionally break and need a few repairs over the years, while newer products will be more durable.

2. More Modern, Curved Tiles for Modern Tile Roofs

Modern curved tiles are like clay tiles, but they have slight curves in the sections and a lower profile. These tiles can come in clay or concrete roofing products. The clay materials will give your home a more authentic look and cost a little more, while the concrete materials will give your more options for colors and styles. Concrete roof tiles will also cost a little less than authentic clay tile materials.

3. Flat Tiles with Decorative Details for New Tile Roofs

If you want to have tiles but a different look, there are also flat tile products. Flat tiles are just that; they have a flat profile and sit on your roof like conventional shingles. Flat tiles also have different decorative styles, which can be good if you want to add attractive custom details to your new roof. Flat tiles can come in clay or concrete and can be a good option for slate or shake roofing materials. Clay or concrete tile will cost less than slate and be more durable than wood shakes. These tiles are also installed in a similar manner to slate roofs.

These are some of the most popular options to consider when it comes to tile roofing materials. Contact a roofing contractor at a company like The Carroll County Roofing Company LLC and talk with them about the best material to use to give your home a new tile roof. There are many different options for tile roofing for the design of your home.