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It's A Long Way Down: Ways To Stay Safe When Your Roof Needs Repair

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If you have been meaning to repair the roof of your home, remember to stay safe. It may not seem like a big project, but if you consider that falling off a roof accounts for one-third of fall-related construction fatalities annually, it warrants caution.

Don't crouch when working. Crouching down on a roof for an extended period can increase the chance of a fall due to your legs falling asleep or difficulty in standing up. It pays to invest in a roofing seat, especially if you plan to be on your roof for a while, such as when shingling or re-shingling a house.

Watch where you place your ladder. Falling off of a ladder is a very real risk when you are working on or around a roof. Never climb to the top rung and only use your ladder according to the manufacturer's recommendations. Also, don't lean a ladder against a gutter or eavestrough, as this can easily break free causing injury and property damage.

Stay off the roof when it's slippery. It goes without saying that you shouldn't try to work on a wet roof. Be sure it is free from frost, too.

Never work alone. Make sure someone else is home and nearby whenever you plan to go up on your roof.

Don't reach for tools. Stretching and reaching for tools and supplies is the perfect set-up for a nasty fall. Gather everything that you need and roll it all up in a big piece of foam matting. Stretch it out near where you are working and tools shouldn't slip and slide on the surface.

Keep an eye out for low-hanging lines. Never assume any line or wire is safe to touch. Also, be very aware of lines and low-hanging cables when positioning your ladder, as well as when you are transporting and moving your ladder around.

Call a roofing professional. If you want the job done at no physical risk to you, hire a roofing professional. These individuals are well-prepared for the rigors of the job, and this ensures you won't break your neck over the weekend!

There are many ways to potentially get injured when working on your roof, and the hazards merit calling a professional roofing contractor such as roof repairs by Standard Roofing Corp. in your area. However, if you insist on doing-it-yourself, simply use care and exercise caution when making repairs to your roof.