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Three Questions To Ask When Hiring A Roofing Contractor

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When the roof of your home is in need of repair or replacement, hiring the right roofing contractor for the job gets the project started on the right foot. It's conventional to make a short list of contractors you're considering and talk to each of them to have some basic questions answered. Of course, you'll want to ask questions about the cost of the job, ensure that the contractor is licensed and experienced and might even ask him or her to provide a list of references. Beyond these areas, it's important to touch on a number of other topics, including these three:

Do You Offer A Warranty On The Parts And Labour?

Although you probably don't want to think about future issues with your roof, it's important to touch on this subject in the event a complication arises. Ask the contractor for a detailed breakdown on his or her warranty. It's ideal to be sure that the parts and the labour are both covered under warranty; if only the parts are covered, you could face an additional bill in the event there's a defect with some of the roofing material. Many reputable roofing contractors offer full warranties on parts and labour, so you shouldn't have trouble finding someone whose policy will meet your needs.

How Will You Ensure The Safety Of My Eavestroughs?

The close proximity of your home's eavestrough system means that there's a chance it could become damaged during the work on your roof. When you ask this question to each contractor, you should hear a detailed plan of how the crew will keep your eavestroughs free from damage. Methods can include specialized ladders that don't lay against the eavestroughs or even removing a section of the eavestrough to allow unimpeded access to the roof. As a follow-up discussion, you can ask what steps would be taken in the event a section of the eavestrough is accidentally damaged.

In What Condition Will You Leave My Yard?

It's ideal to hire a roofing contractor who can not only get the job done right, but also has an eye for leaving your yard in the same condition it originally was in. Asking this question should give you an answer about removing all the shingles, nails and sheathing from your old roof and hauling them away. You should also hear about a plan to thoroughly inspect the grass around your home, often with the use of a magnetic sweeper, to remove any errant roofing nails that dropped during the job.