It’s A Long Way Down: Ways To Stay Safe When Your Roof Needs Repair

If you have been meaning to repair the roof of your home, remember to stay safe. It may not seem like a big project, but if you consider that falling off a roof accounts for one-third of fall-related construction fatalities annually, it warrants caution. Don’t crouch when working. Crouching down on a roof for an […]

Three Questions To Ask When Hiring A Roofing Contractor

When the roof of your home is in need of repair or replacement, hiring the right roofing contractor for the job gets the project started on the right foot. It’s conventional to make a short list of contractors you’re considering and talk to each of them to have some basic questions answered. Of course, you’ll […]

4 Tips for Getting a Rainwater Barrel Installed with the Help of Professional Roofers

Collecting rainwater through your roofing by means of a  water barrel is a fantastic way to take advantage of the natural rainfall throughout the year, which can be used for landscaping and other work outdoors. In order for to collect rainwater safely through your roofing, look into the following tips and the benefits of hiring […]